Monday, April 12, 2010

Shooting Film

My mother recently generously handed over her old Nikon FM series SLR to me, and I've been enjoying messing with it.  Had to go to a few stores to find the right batteries and picked up some cheap CVS 400 ISO film.  I shot a full roll to test the camera's exposure meter (which turned out to be accurate), and a couple came out looking all right.

Playing with dutch angles.

Roommate doing a little Ikea shopping.

Sipping Perrier while assembling a vintage pool table (now completed!).

Yes, I sleep with an electric drill.

Shooting animals in low light situations is tricky...

...Unless they're lazy and/or tired.

It was a pleasant surprise that the last photo I took while walking into Rite Aid to get the roll developed ended up being my favorite

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Steve said...

Good shot. Gotta love the impulse pics.