Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"I Just Might" by Grover

"I Just Might"
Recorded 3/1/09

Eliot Dewberry - electric rhythm and lead guitars, vocals, maraca

Nick Pierotti - acoustic rhythm and lead guitars

Nick Teramura - Drums, Congas

Music by Nick Pierotti, Lyrics by Eliot Dewberry and Nick Pierotti

Having just discovered, I now have a way to post individual songs on this blog as an embedded player. So expect plenty more music-related postings to come.

This track is called "I Just Might". I recorded it this past weekend with my Grover bandmates Nick Pierotti and Nick Teramura. The funny story behind this song is that we wrote it about four years ago while slightly inebriated, and the lyrics were lost until a few weeks ago, when I found them in one of the many journal/sketchbook things I've acquired over the years.

We recorded using Garageband '08 and a PreSonus Firepod interface.

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