Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Trash" (2008), Dir. Mike Litzenberg

This is my former roommate Mike's LMU thesis, "Trash", which I worked on as director of photography. We encountered a number of obstacles in shooting, including bad/constantly changing weather, street noise, LAX landings every 2 minutes, not enough sandbags, and having a small crew. It's definitely not the most polished-looking thing in the world, but the plot and acting still make me laugh every time I watch it. I shot using a Panasonic SDX-900. It's a great standard def camera, but it weighs a ton and isn't ideal for handheld shooting unless you've got it rigged to a steadicam. I remember the handheld stuff on this shoot being a real bitch. Watch and enjoy, and if you're squeamish, consider yourself warned.

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Bassman said...

I think what cracked me up the most about this was the use of the 70's hit single "Brandy" throughout the story. This video brought a smile to my face.