Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Killing Voltaire" (2006), Dir. Mike Litzenberg

Another of my old roommate Mike's films I shot. This was his 300 project in the study abroad program we were both in over in Duesseldorf, Germany. We had to do documentaries, and Mike decided to interview various Germans and discuss free speech rights as they relate to Holocaust denial. This is a sticky subject for them, so we got a lot of interesting perspectives. The most engaging interview we conducted was with a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor living in a local retirement home. She got pretty ruffled by the subject and kind of got in Mike's face about it before we ensured her that our motives weren't sinister. I shot using a Panasonic DVX-100, in my opinion the best standard def handheld digital video camera in existence. I really miss being over in Germany, but I'm sure it's cold as hell there right now.

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