Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Welcome to the Deuce" (2007)

I went to Dusseldorf, Germany in Fall 2006 for my school's third-year study abroad program in film. I had a great time over there, and really fell in love with northern Europe. After returning, I was asked by the program head to edit together a promotional video for the program to attract more students. I was provided with footage of interviews with my fellow students and several hundred photographs. Because the interview footage wasn't that pretty, and was the only footage provided (other than the students' semester projects), I had to make the still images come alive somewhat, and so I started messing around with motion graphics, something I was unfamiliar with. The end result is something I could definitely have done much better with gift of hindsight, but I'm still proud of it. Unfortunately, the Dusseldorf program has been relocated to Bonn starting next year, so this video is no longer the advertising tool that it once was.


Dewberry Fine Art said...

I think this is an excellent film to advertise this program. Sorry they moved the school. Good job.

Leslie A said...


my favorite part is the singing in the end.