Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Wargyle" sneak peek

So I'm just about ready to start on what will be my first real "series" of screen-printed shirts. The designs are made up of high-contrast images of weapons and military equipment arranged in argyle patterns, hence "Wargyle". I think it's kind of clever wordage. Anyway, I'm still not set on the specific arrangement and scaling of the patterns just yet. I'm going to print no more than 50 of each, all probably on American Apparel shirts, and price them at $25-30 a piece (still not sure about that - there may be a friend price and a stranger price), and they'll all be signed and numbered.

This business with the Orphan Works Bill has me a little paranoid, so for now I'll show you one of the three designs in a low resolution. Look closely, that's hand grenades and AK-47's, with a high-caliber bullet "stitching" that you can't really see.

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