Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Rasputin Improvements

A few more comparison shots between the unfinished screenings cut of Killing Rasputin and the more polished and stylized version I'm hoping to send to festivals soon.I may have cleaned up that vase a little too much.

This shot of the eavesdropping air vent was fun because I wasn't restricted by footage. I'm hoping to make some exterior establishing shots of buildings and locations from scratch as well.

This still needs a cartoon chair to replace that green sheet. I now regret not renting fancy furniture.

I don't know what I did with the original green still of this one, but just picture the actors in color and surrounded by blinding neon green. This background was a lot of fun to texturize. I use Transform Perspective more than any other tool these days, and I've only known about it for a few months.

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Dewberry Fine Art said...

This is really looking good. I agree with you on the vase. My eye went right to it.