Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Killing Rasputin Improvements

"Killing Rasputin" was my thesis film project at LMU. It is a 15-minute narrative about the assassination of Rasputin in Russia in 1916 just before the communist revolution. I shot the whole thing on green screen, so it's very effects-intensive. The cut I screened for school was incomplete visually and rushed. After letting it sit for a while, I've come back to it and plan to have it ready to screen at festivals soon. Below are some comparison images showing the original footage, the shot as it was screened in May, and what the shot now looks like for the newer cut. I'm using Photoshop filters like watercolor by converting the footage into image sequences and performing Photoshop batch operations on them, then turning them back into footage. It's a time-consuming process that involves creating a full-quality jpeg of every single frame of footage. For the background images, I originally sketched out roughly what I wanted, then sent those over to my friend Nick, who created the lines and shading. Now I'm going back and adding texture and additional shading to the images, as well as tweaking the opacity and blending modes of the individual layers.

I've gotta fix (draw) the desk and chair for these to be finished.


Kate said...

These are looking great -- the added texture on the walls (particularly the brick) makes the backgrounds suit the characters even better. You are so talented!

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Fabulous improvement on an already fine piece of film. I love the way you integrated the real people and furniture into the animated backgrounds. Wonderful textures and values. Get it done! Can't wait to see it.